How To Start Versioning Your Project On GitHub

How To Start Versioning Your Project On GitHub


If you have a project or a library on Github(OperSource Yayy!!), and ever wondered how you could start versioning your project and release a new version if you update you code.

Versioning is something you could do with your code to provide support for your users to still use your old code and when you release a new version, the new users would get the latest code with latest dependencies.

So that your code gets updated with the world around you.

So How Do You Actually Do It ?

  1. Go to the main repository page on Github.
  2. Click on Releases.
  3. Fill the Draft for your release by giving it, a version number.
    Draft the release
  4. Give it a little description. Maybe give in what’s changed since your last release.
  5. Publish the release.

Your code is now published. Now if you have released many versions, there is no headache going to one stable version of your code.


If you have a package that is on GitHub and you are managing it using, then if you release a new version, it automatically detects and gives a new version, which you can then pull using composer.

I have just made a package for my laravel project and put it on packagist. It’s an awesome feeling to have something with your own name on it.