FreeCodeCamp : Basic Algorithm Scripting (Solved)

FreeCodeCamp : Basic Algorithm Scripting (Solved)

I was so amazed when I saw this website called FreeCodeCamp. And I am telling you, this is the best thing anyone could do for their careers if they are in this IT field. The road map for any beginner coder or programmer, whatever people call us these days.

And, you wouldn’t believe, what they offer, everything from HTML, CSS, Javascript and even provide projects after some milestone, which is again great.

One more thing, it’s all for FREE.

Now, I will tell you the real purpose of the post. I will be sharing the answers to their javascript Basic Algorithm Scripting problems here on my blog.

Tune in for more problems.

FreeCodeCamp’s Basic Algorithm Scripting :

  1. Reverse a String
  2. Factorialize a Number
  3. Check For Palindrome
  4. Find The Longest Word in a String
  5. Coming soon